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100 Tools to Launch & Market Your Kickstarter or Indiegogo Campaign

Help the start-up team to start their crowdfunding project

BEAUTY TOOLS (design, photos, videos…) 

SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS (content, reach, automation..)

  • Facebook Groups analytics and management: Grytics
  • Posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin & Google+ takes a lot of time, right? or EverGreenFeed is an alternative.
  • BuzzSumo is a tool if you want to analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor. (You can also find key influencers to promote your content)
  • Display social media feeds, photo galleries and reviews on any website. Boost trust and sale more: EmbedSocial
  • You have a content strategy and need to drive more traffic to your site? or
  • Looking for social media support? DesignRush
  • Need to share beautiful images with citations? Pablo by Buffer
  • Find the right hashtags and influencers: Stargazer, IQ tags, and Follower Wonk.
  • Automate posts and actions (like, follow…): IFTTTCrowdfire
  • Stop wasting money on bad targeted Facebook Ads. Use their own bad-known tool: Facebook Ads Manager
  • Want to make a noticeable launch for your product/ communication campaign? Thunderclap is a hybrid concept, between crowdfunding and social ad.
  • Automated viral Instagram growth: InstaVast, Stim Social or InstaGrowth Ninja



EMAILING TOOLS (best practices, find contacts…)

PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS (communicate, brainstorm, organize…

MOBILE APP TOOLS (build, optimize, grow…

  • First of all, everyone who wants to build a consumer app like Snapchat, Instagram or Zenly SHOULD watch this 44 minutes meetup by Jean de La Rochebrochard (partner at Kima Ventures): Here
  • Secondly, here are 8 slideshare (bottom of page) that analyze the UX/UI and the growth/gamification strategies of the best apps (Zenly, Snapchat, Houseparty …)
  • Translate your app for different stores in each country: Worders or TextMaster
  • Create a simple app, easily & quickly: BuildFire, Apps Builder, Bubble, Dropsource, AppMachine, GoodBarber or Lightwell
  • Convert design into native mobile apps (iOS, Android, React): Supernova Studio
  • Build a web App with Javascript, HTML, C++, Ruby on Rails or any other language and convert into a mobile App: Iconic Framework
  • Verify users with SMS/call: Sinch
  • Let users do instant message, call & video call into your app: Twilio, Amazon Web Services, Sinch
  • Estimate the price of development: How Much To Make An App
  • The standard of mobile analytics: Mixpanel
  • Track your user’s journey: HEAP
  • Beta testing made simple for Apps: TestFlight
  • Need an admin (database) pleasant and quick to set up? Forest Admin
  • Shorten your App Store links: TAPSTREAM
  • Everything mobile marketing made easy: Branch


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