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BackerGeek丨RainPoint Smart+ Garden Watering System

BackerGeek丨RainPoint Smart+ Garden Watering System

The project team has a working demo, not the final product. Their ability to begin production may be affected by product development or financial challenges.

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In what way and when will you do the delivery?

All shipments of product will be completed by air. Most areas can be delivered in 7-10 days and the first shipment will be completed by June at the latest.

Will you ship to my region/country?

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping.

How to track logistics information?

You can track the logistics information via the order details in the BackerGeek back office. Alternatively, you will be notified of the shipping information by email.

If there is a quality problem, what should I do?

Our customer service email:

“It's estimated that residential outdoor use accounts for nearly 9 billion gallons of water daily, most of this being used to water gardens and lawns. It is estimated that around 50% of this water is wasted due to over-watering, largely due to inefficient irrigation methods and systems.”

RainPoint has been dedicated to improving water efficiency and reducing water waste through scientific irrigation techniques while increasing plant yield and quality. After years of research and development, we are proud to launch our latest innovation in the spring of 2023, the RainPoint Smart+ Garden Watering System.

RainPoint is an intelligent irrigation system that integrates a Water Timer, Soil & Sunlight Sensor, Rain Gauge, and Outdoor Thermometer for self-analysis and regulation. With RainPoint Smart+, you can experience the wonder of a future garden today.

RainPoint Smart+ boasts powerful data recording and analysis capabilities, like a seasoned horticulturist available 24/7. This "gardener" arranges a reasonable irrigation plan dynamically for your garden based on daily weather, soil moisture, and outdoor temperature. Of course, you can also manually adjust the settings through the Display Hub or the App. With RainPoint, you can become an excellent gardener through learning and observation.

RainPoint Smart+ System will let you know much more about saving money and water. By recording your garden data and combining it with current and future weather and soil moisture levels, RainPoint Smart+ creates a personalized irrigation plan for every plant in your garden. Additionally, the system automatically delays irrigation during rainy, minimizing water waste to the greatest extent possible.

As the brain of RainPoint Smart+, the Irrigation Display Hub presents all the data about your garden in great detail, much like The Spider-Lord Varys. With just a few taps on your phone at home, you can easily direct water to where it's needed. Moreover, RainPoint Smart+ provides real-time alerts to keep you informed about any leaks or wastage in your garden, allowing you to take action immediately.

With stable WiFi and RF technology, the response time from the Display Hub to the sensors is less than a second! This greatly extends the communication range between devices, making it perfect for villas or gardens where greater communication range is required.

Are you still Googling "plant-sitters" to water your garden while you're away on vacation? With the newly upgraded HOMGAR app, RainPoint can save you $50-100 per year! 

You can easily check on your garden from anywhere using your phone, and even adjust your watering schedule if needed. No need to worry about finding someone to take care of your plants while you're away.

To address the different watering needs of various plants, the RainPoint Smart+ Water Timer can divide your garden into different zones and schedule watering independently based on the specific frequency and timing required for each zone. 

When combined with a soil sensor, you can also get a clear and accurate picture of the soil moisture level. This not only helps to conserve water, but also creates optimal growing conditions for every plant in your garden.

By utilizing data to control rain delays and setting thresholds to prevent water waste, our system optimizes water usage and improves efficiency. This eliminates the risks of overwatering or underwatering, reduces water waste, and prevents high water and electricity bills.

  • 1-Zone Water Timer

The RainPoint 1-Zone Water Timer is perfect for those looking to automate watering for a single irrigation zone. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can easily schedule and adjust watering times to fit the specific needs of your plants. 

  • 2-Zone Water Timer

For those with larger gardens or multiple zones to irrigate, the RainPoint 2-Zone Water Timer is the perfect solution. With the ability to control two separate zones, you can ensure that each area receives the precise amount of water it needs. This can help to promote healthy growth and conserve water resources by avoiding overwatering or underwatering. 

Knowing when and how much to water has always been a challenge for all gardening enthusiasts. 

Relying solely on experience may not necessarily result in optimal plant growth. However, with the data collected by the RainPoint Smart+ Soil&Sunlight Sensor, you will have a comprehensive understanding of your garden and your plants' growing environment.

By monitoring real-time soil moisture, temperature, and light intensity, and combining them with the Water Timer, RainPoint Smart+ creates a dynamic smart watering plan for you. 

If the soil moisture is too low, our sensors will activate the automatic watering system, and once the ideal moisture level is reached, the irrigation system will be turned off. This not only helps you save water but also allows you to enjoy the experience of planting with technology.

Additionally, our sensors can help you choose the best location for your plants by providing accurate information on the amount of sunlight each area of your garden receives throughout the day. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gardener, RainPoint's soil & sunlight sensors can help you achieve optimal results.

RainPoint Water Flow Meter provides high-precision measurements of real-time flow rate, last and historical water usage. With this information, you can efficiently manage your water resources, reduce waste, and make informed decisions about water consumption.

It is the perfect tool for homeowners, gardeners, and business owners who need accurate monitoring of water usage. Choose RainPoint Water Flow Meter for efficient water management.

RainPoint's High Precision Rain Sensor is a game-changing tool for gardeners and plant enthusiasts. It offers precise rainfall measurements, enabling you to optimize watering and drainage to ensure your plants receive the appropriate amount of water.

With its advanced technology, the RainPoint High Precision Rain Sensor delivers accurate, real-time data to help you make informed decisions about plant care. You can easily adjust your watering schedule, and drainage systems based on the sensor's readings, ensuring your garden thrives regardless of the weather.

The RainPoint‘s Outdoor Air Humidity Sensor is an ideal solution for accurate temperature and humidity readings in your area. With the ability to upload data to a gateway, it provides essential support for irrigation plans. 

The sensor supports both ℃s and ℉ readings and features precise measurements and reliable data collection, making it your first choice for any outdoor environment.

Preparing for a pool party in the hot summer but struggling to know the water temperature? This pool temperature sensor is the prefect solution to your problems. Throws it into the water, you can track the water temperature at any time through the displays or phone APP, precise control.

The three-sided display screen design allows you to know the water temperature at a glance no matter which direction you are in.

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