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Basic - Newsletter

Basic - Newsletter

The project team has a working demo, not the final product. Their ability to begin production may be affected by product development or financial challenges.

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In what way and when will you do the delivery?

All shipments of product will be completed by air. Most areas can be delivered in 7-10 days and the first shipment will be completed by June at the latest.

Will you ship to my region/country?

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping.

How to track logistics information?

You can track the logistics information via the order details in the BackerGeek back office. Alternatively, you will be notified of the shipping information by email.

If there is a quality problem, what should I do?

Our customer service email:

What You Can Get:

  • Money Back Guarantee ( if 0<ROAS<1 )
  • Second Promotion No Any Fee ( if 1<ROAS<2 )
  • Single Image Showcase
  • Regular Placement Of The Newsletter
  • List on BackerGeek Website


Order process:

      1# Finish the payment:

            Please pay through this page (support Credit Card, PayPal)

      2# Leave the notes on the payment plz.

            2.1 Project link:


            2.2 Your Email:


(Notes: If you don't fill it in, we won't be able to know which project link the amount is, and we won't be able to assist you in completing the promotion task.)

      3# Promotion schedule:


(Notes: Please contact our email to confirm the schedule, we will reply within 1-2 working days)


Refund Policy:

       The service did not achieve a return of at least 1:1.

       For example, you pay $599 for an Advance package and only get $300 on Kickstarter/Indiegogo Dashboard Track, and we will provide a refund of the $299 difference.


Contact Email:

       ( Reply within 1-2 working days)

       If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please let us know, and we are happy to help you.


Who We Are:

Our story begins with a successful Kickstarter campaign.
Later, we found that we can find users more accurately,
"We talked to other creators and heard the same thing over and over again.
That's where the idea for BackerGeek came from to build the tools we wish we had."
It helps you find your people.
Briefly introduce the main business of our team, we are a digital marketing team, and the main customers are creators on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.
We build software to help to crowdfund backers and creators connect, support each other, and get the most out of every campaign. 

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