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24 Kickstarter Update Ideas You Can Share Right Now

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A List With 24 Kickstarter Update Ideas

A big part of running a successful Kickstarter involves campaign updates. Communicating clearly and regularly with your followers builds a sense of trust. It shows that you’re committed. That’s why being strategic in your updates pays off in a big way, no matter how tedious it may be. At B, we often get the question on how many updates someone should post. There is no magic frequency, but we do suggest that you post on a weekly basis. Not sure which ones are worth publishing?

24 tips for using Kickstarter updates to your advantage:

1. Share the glory when your campaign reaches its goal.

2. Share significant changes to the campaign, especially when it involves goals and rewards.

3. Make it known if your Kickstarter is featured in the platform’s ‘Project We Love’ section or other channels such as a blog post.

4. Make your backers part of the campaign by highlighting specific comments, features, or reviews.

5. Introduce your team members to your backers, letting them know who your teammate is and the role they play in your campaign.

6. If your campaign is an art or visual project, go ahead and put your work on display.

7. Fashion entrepreneurs can make the most of campaign updates by posting photos of how their collections are developing.

8. Don’t be modest and showcase awards or accolades you may have received.

9. Make the most of the final days of your campaign by posting a special update every day.

10. Inspire backers to spread the word and share your campaign with others.

11. Feedback from backers can be incredibly valuable for everyone involved, so ask them to provide comments on updates.

12. Make sure your community is updated when you participate in live streams, events or ask me anything sessions.

13. Interviews are great, so use them to your advantage.

14. Use your community tab to highlight significant people or areas.

15. Make backers part of exclusive events.

16. Share informative how-to posts. 

17. Reply to every comment and question. 

18. Talk about other projects that interest you (other than your own). 

19. Give backers a behind-the-scenes look at whatever you are working on. 

20. If there is a demo or your product, have backers test it. 

21. Remember to send out happy holiday wishes.

22. Share your inspirations.

23. Always be transparent about everything involved with the campaign. 

24. Share dates and locations of conventions and meetings you’ll be attending. Invite (potential) backers to join and meet you in person.

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