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Why you need a video on your Crowdfunding campaign in 2022

Videos were once an optional standard. Now, they’re becoming indispensable for successful product marketing campaigns.

The role of videos in product exposure

Product marketing is in constant evolution.

From what was once black and white cartoon caricatures to billboards and moving buses has now become a moving picture in itself. Product marketing videos are here and now.

It doesn’t take long to see the big picture – or video, that is. Ecommerce knows what sells and, most importantly how to sell.

The combination of text, images, and moving pictures has created a demand for video content across all platforms.

Take a look at the fastest growing social media platforms like Instagram and the most recent, TikTok.

People are increasingly turning to video content as a way to connect with other users and learn new product information.

They’re engaging, dynamic, and a great way to build relationships with buyers.

Plus, they can help you get more shares, views, and exposure for your brand. So it’s no wonder that videos are here to stay.

Video is a major asset for any Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, 0r Shopify store.

Here’s a look at how effective they are.

Videos boost engagement

Think back to grade school.

Whenever a project was due, the classmates with a Powerpoint presentation automatically looked more prepared for the project.

Sure, your homemade cardboard presentation might not have looked as “modern” as the other team’s, but that doesn’t mean you worked any less hard on it.

It just means that it was harder to compete against the polished look that the PowerPoint slides brought.

The same goes for product marketing videos.

Videos have been shown to increase engagement levels on crowdfunding pages.

This is because they allow people to see the value of the product through the craft of the production.

  • Content creation, like video making, captures the attention of your backers.
  • With enhanced graphics, scene cuts, lighting, and effects studios have adapted to modern video production methods at a faster rate than ever before.

At BG, we’ve witnessed firsthand how quality video production, a strategic script, and powerful editing make your product or idea come to life.

Take the guesswork out of functionality

As the creator, you know exactly how your product or idea benefits backers – but without any view of it in use, it’s hard for some people to visualize. With a video, you can show potential backers exactly what they’re investing in.

It’s no secret that this generation loves video sharing.

That’s why:

  • According to recent statistics, 87% of Gen Z appreciates ads that feature a video.
  • Generation Z favors the interaction between product and user more than previous generations.
  • But it’s not only Generation Z: 23% of millennials use video sites to research products and services. 85% of millennials go on to buy products after watching videos.
  • Some popular ways that products are vetted through video include unboxings and product reviews, like those seen on YouTube.

Conversation rates improve

Did you know that including a video on your website can increase conversions by up to 73%?

HubSpot estimates that users are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

We can apply this to gaining more backers.

Potential backers are much more likely to back a campaign they can see and understand.

The bottom line – you need a product video

We understand that you might not have the next Christopher Nolan budget, but don’t fret – our team has a plan (and studio). Even if you don’t have access to high-quality cameras or video editing tools, our video production team creates a custom, conversion-generating product video just for you. BackerGeek has launched a complete all-in-one video production add-on for your crowdfunding campaign or eCommerce product launch. Our studio and high-grade production quality fit any product or launch schedule. Contact us today to learn more about our crowdfunding & eCommerce services.

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